About Energy Consulting Group

Energy Consulting Group launched a new GREEN area in 2008. As the practice is continually growing and changing, this new are reflects our expertise in energy efficiency and renewable energy.While we continue our commitment to Excellence in traditional practice areas, we have increased our green services to reflect the current political and social climate. By Combining our existing knowledge-base with some exciting new hires that possess vast experience in green energy, we provide a range of services designed to lower costs through the creation,evaluation and/or implementation of a range of programs.

For more info on our traditional practice areas please contact or go to www.ecg-llc.com

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is increasingly being looked at as the "5th fuel" and a way to counter the rising cost of energy while at the same time reducing carbon emissions. Programs such as smart metering, smart grid and price signals along with traditional incentives such as rebates or revolving loans are being increasingly marketed by utilities, government agencies and energy efficiency advocates. Resource planning and energy budgeting especially should be formulated in the context of both potential energy legislation as well as marketability to a public with changing demands. ECG has vast experience in creating, implementing and monitoring energy efficiency programs that balance program costs against benefits for all parties involved. Let us help you create a conservation program that fits your budget and needs.

Renewable Energy

Energy Consulting Group has been a leader in utility-scale renewable energy project for over a decade and consistently evaluates the costs and potential of biomass, solar and wind energy. This experience gives us a real world view of the costs, challenges and expectations associated with each renewable energy type.

We then use our experience to create similar scale incentive programs for commercial and residential renewable programs. We have successfully evaluated and designed solar rebate programs for electric membership cooperative members in Georgia that create win-win situations and lower the costs for all parties.

ECG continually monitors and anticipates all renewable energy legislation in order to prepare our clients for the future so that they may anticipate and plan for potential costs and required changes. Legislative updates and opinions from energy professionals with decades of experience are available on our home page Green Updates or through our mailing list. If you would like to receive information please use our contact page to join our mailing list of clients and interested parties.